About Us

Bay Area Cyber Rays Innovative Alternative Energy Service Provider



Bay Area Cyber Rays is a dynamic alternative energy solar panel service provider that specializes in the solar electric system. For many years, Bay Area Cyber Rays have designed and implement cost-effective solar panel solution for small and large scales properties in Florida. Our company goal is to provide effective and sufficient power solution through the use of renewable and clean energy alternative. Our company provides a full suite of alternative energy services. Such as maintenance support, site analysis, energy efficiency consulting, and design and implementation.

At every project, Bay Area Cyber Rays endeavor to reduce environmental impacts through low-carbon energy sources and by living up to its responsibilities as a reliable and environmentally-safe business. Moreover, our company sets a definite standard for corporate responsibilities and environmental sustainability by giving solar energy facilities to our communities.

Expert Team and Innovative Solution

Our contractors highly train and manage by licensed electricians in order to offer the better quality electric work. The company train and certified in solar technology for both residential and commercial projects. Our marketing and public relations professional assist governmental agencies and public institutions. Likewise, our expert contractors are self-motivated and take actions oriented thinkers. Being part of our company means they are working for one of the most qualified solar contractors in the state.

Furthermore, Bay Area Cyber Rays team specializes in installing low cost and technological superior residential and commercial solar panel service. We meet and exceed the energy needs of our customer both residential and commercial. Our company is passionate about customer service and we work harder to assure that our customers' solar systems develop the most energy. As well as, to meet the specific needs of each customer.

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